BeanSprout Books The Adventures of Scooter and Lima Bean and The Magical Candy Factory

Scooter, Lima Bean & The Magical Candy Factory

A classic fairy tale for the ages! Scooter, Lima Bean, and The Magical Candy Factory is the first book in The Adventures of Scooter and Lima Bean series. The book series is comprised of many epic tales of adventure between the two best friends and central characters, Scooter and Lima Bean. This first book  follows the two best friends on a journey in which fun, adventure, and loads of candy ensue in this epic 50-page children’s book.

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My Cake / Mi Pastel: A Fun-Filled Food Journey (English/Spanish Bilingual Children’s Book)

In My Cake/Mi Pastel, a young boy takes us on a fun-filled, food journey that’s sure to make you giggle! This 50-page bilingual children’s book is a beautifully illustrated resource to introduce Spanish to younger readers and aid English Language Learners.

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my bike a graphic novel, leeron morraes, beansprout booksMy Bike: A Motorcycle Graphic Novel

In My Bike, a motorcycle graphic novel, a man goes on a journey in search of freedom.  This historic hand-drawn manuscript is based on actual events of a coast-to-coast motorcycle ride across America.  Written and illustrated by Singaporean author Leeron Morraes.

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Goodnight The Book: A Book of Poetry and Art

As the neighbors draw their shutters, Goodnight The Book takes readers around the world saying Goodnight to familiar and exotic places alike. Vibrant, dazzling, and full of life, the paintings and poems pop in this collectible keepsake! The author’s delightful, rhyming poems combine with Singaporean artist Leeron Morraes’s colorful paintings of cities around the world to create a stunning visual and literary masterpiece.

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Intersection at Rose BLVD

Intersection at Rose BLVD is filled with poems and paintings that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. Art and poetry collide in Intersection written by singer and songwriter Allison Purifoy and illustrated by Singaporean artist Leeron Morraes. These 132 pages of poetry will leave you thinking about the intersections in your life.

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ANOtHER graphic novel

ANOtHER graphic novel is a manga/horror novel written by Elizabeth “Zea” Hudgins and illustrated by Leeron Morraes. In this 152-page psychological thriller, a group of girls plunge into a world where nothing is what it seems.

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 Once Upon A Time: A Poetry book

Once Upon A Time: A Poetry Book tells a story through moments in time reflected with illustrated poems. Life, dreams, love, the road, what does it all mean?

Illustrated by Singaporean artist Leeron Morraes and written by American author Tahlonna Grant, who also created Goodnight The Book, another artful collection of illustrated poems.

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abc's of food, tahlonna grant, beansprout books, leeron morraes

 ABC’s of Food: Alphabet Book + Workbook

Make learning the Alphabet fun for your emergent reader with ABC’s of Food Alphabet Book + Workbook! Colorful food paintings are paired with each letter A-Z to make learning the alphabet a breeze! Includes workbook to reinforce letter learning. Great for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and emerging readers. This pocket-sized edition is the perfect size for kids and works well read in front of a class or individual.


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 UFO Book For Kids

Join along on this thrilling journey through time and space and learn of hidden  secrets of the past. UFO Book For Kids widens the imagination to the mystery of  UFOs and intergalactic encounters. Each page uniquely illustrates the adventure in this captivating tale of the unknown.

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綠拇指著色書 Green Thumb Coloring Book

Growing up in a little Malaysian village by the river, the artist Rina Chapple developed a love of plants and a talent in agriculture. In 1970s and 1980s Singapore she started drawing plants, animals, and nature. In this book are her drawings and visual renderings of the natural environment.

Children and adults will love this coloring book as coloring is truly a stress-relieving activity that you can enjoy with the whole family.

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